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The obese guy’s instructional list to lose Extra pounds

Weight loss is not a big thing only for females nowadays but the males are also equally in pressure, to keep their weight in check and for sure when you need it done then options are limitless and lucrative too. Well, in this article there are a few ways that will surely help you to get your desired Body shape in a specific period of time. Let’s check them out and keep in mind that losing weight is not a Rocket Science at all and these tips will easily be followed with office’s tough routine whether you are doing a job or a business, your scale needle will start coming down soon!

  1. Counting Bites:

When you are eating, no doubt, it is frustrating to count your every bite; however, tracking what is going in your mouth can seriously help you out in cutting down your overall calorie intake. In Brigham Young University Researchers, instructed a group of students to calculate their bites in a usual day, then cut down the total bite number by 20% and keep this pattern for a complete 30 days’ period. Those students who observed this pattern lost an average of 4 pounds. Maybe, it does not sound huge but when you practice any such thing then it is for sure that you know what you are eating, you are not only stuffing it in your mouth & belly with some absurd things and eventually, it will let you change your eating pattern real quick.

  1. Enjoy the smell:

Smell your food! I know it sounds a little crazy but seriously, when you sniff you are less likely to eat it in huge quantity. Why? Because when you smell food, it sends the same signals of fullness and pleasure to your mind as if you taste it. Thus, you will certainly eat a less amount of it if you enjoy the smell when you are taking your regular or even special food items.

  1. Keep a Target:

Setting a goal keep you on the track. For instance, you know that you have to lose 30 pounds but having unreasonable expectations will just lead you to the disappointments and it is highly probable that you may lose your motivation too. How to cope up with such things? Simple, make small targets and reasonable ones, achieve them, you will gain confidence that you can do it and by continuously achieving these small targets work up to your main goal/ target that is your maximum weight that you are willing to lose.

  1. No Dieting:

Yes, eliminate that Four Letter word “Diet” from your dictionary for good because it will not help you. I know, it is hard to believe but it is true, Diet does not work at all. It just has got wrong hype for all the wrong reasons. Reality is “diet is equal to deprivation”. You cannot rely on it if you are willing to get some long term results. Instead, try to eat mindfully that can actually work for you. Hence, rule is simple, if you are willing to see long term changes, permanent lifestyle changes are needed to be done!

  1. Exercise is your Best Buddy:

There is a sure way! Burn more calories = move more! Yes, you have read it correct. Your overall metabolism needs to be improved, and when you build muscle and burn calories, your metabolic rate is bound to be improved. Keep it in mind always that if you want to reach your goal of weight loss quickly, exercise is your best buddy without any insane starvation or diet. According to the Eric Emig (personal trainer and founder of Evolution fitness in St. Louis), Every pound that you lose in term of muscle is capable of burning some extra calories per day, it is not probably sound very appealing but in reality, it can have an impactful result and it is more noticeable when you lose or gain 20 pounds of muscle. However, if you have not been doing exercise, it is advisable to start with small exercises that will help out your body to become familiar with the new version of you. So, do not become a gym rat over night.

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  1. Do a little math:

One pound has 3,500 calories. Where is the simple math? Well, here it is, to lose one pound in a week’s time, you just require to lose 500 Calories daily from the calories that you intake normally. Note your current weight and multiply it by 11. That’s a non precise estimate of calories that your body require to sustain present status or shape of your body. Your new target should be: 500 minus from that number, by having eating & exercise changes.  Legal Alternative to Anabolic Steroids

  1. Give Crazy Bulk Clenbutrol a try:

I know how much steroids all the rage these days and almost everybody is aware that how much they could damage a person’s health too. But the product that we are discussing in this point, it is not a steroid but an alternative to these nasty steroids. Moreover, this miraculous supplement is 100% natural and that leads me to say that it is safe and secure as well. Clenbutrol, basically burns fat and increase the cardiovascular performance by accelerating the transportation of oxygen in your body with its thermogenic power that raises internal temperature of your body  and eventually it triggers your metabolic rate to get fast that encourages you body to use its stored fat for its needs of energy.


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