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Obesity,An Epidemic Proportions Globally

Obesity and overweight is defined as the excessive fat accumulation that may danger for the health .

Globally ,more than one billion overweight adults ,in which 300 millions of them are obese , kills the 65℅ of world’s population. The highest rate of obesity  observed in women than men.

Reasons To Acquire Obesity :

People’s who are consuming more energy with lack of physical activity are much more susceptible to accumulation of massive energy and the body turning it into more fat ,affecting virtually all groups of ages and socioeconomic groups.

As the population becomes more urban, more likely the diets contained high complex carbohydrates, higher proportions of saturated fats and sugars.

Increased intake of poor foods combined with the lack of physical activity ,change style of living in society and family eating habits led to rise of obesity rate up to three folds.

Dangers Of Obesity :

Peoples with obesity and overweight are more susceptible to developed a serious chronic diseases including type 2 diabetes and the cardiovascular disease.

It may also developed hypertension, stroke and certain type of cancers including breast ,colon , prostrate, kidney and gallbladder.

Type 2 Diabetes:  Disability of pancrease to perform their function properly ,not made enough insulin for maintaining the glucose level as a result higher glucose level in the blood than normal , condition also called as Hyperglycemia..3.6 million peoples in the UK diagnosed with type 2 diabetes mellitus.

Cardiovascular Disease :  CVD is a disease of the heart including blood vessels   Accumulation of fat deposits/plaque into the arteries that causes the hardening of arteries due to the thickness of blood vessels by plaques .This blockage can cause the heart attack, congestive heart failure and congenital heart diseases. Mortality rate of CVD is 17.3 million per year according to the WHO. men’s are more susceptible to CVDS as women’s. Lose Weight Fast in 2017

How Can We Minimize The Obesity :

Innumerable ways to minimize the obesity but few of them are listed as below :

Lower Your Cholesterol as the weight loss is the key to reducing LDL:

Embrace healthy diet with the concoction of exercise can actually help you to reducing  the cholesterol level. As the body weight is directly proportional to the LDL cholesterol, increases in  body weight associated with the higher cholesterol level. . Lessen 5 to 10% of your body weight can surpass your LDL cholesterol .As your body weight becomes follow the standard chart  ,your body will perform proper functions naturally.

Lower Your High Blood Pressure:

High blood pressure can demage your vital organs.  cut or limit the amount of sodium intake effects. Reduction of little bit amount of sodium in your diet ,led to bring down your cholesterol level as 8mmHg.

Healthy Diet:

Eliminate  breakfast is a lot like skipping rope .Although mostly peoples think by cutting breakfast they will lose their calories, the opposite is true. Research studies  shows that eating breakfast helps you to  consume fewer calories for the day.


Vitamin E is an oxidant ,you may get it from eating certain foods, fight against free radicals, simultaneously they prevent you from disparate cancers.

Reduce Stress: The long time activation of the stress hormone and the subsequent overexposure to cortisol  can distort almost all your body’s processes. This puts you at increased risk of certain health problems, you can prevent yourself to lay hold of plenty of sleep by an  addition of melatonin rich foods which may help you to control your daily sleep-wake cycles.

Avoid Alcohol :

Excessive  amount of alcohol consumption can cause a huge damage to their mental and physical health. This chemical act as a toxin in the body and start to destroy the vital organs. Alcohol abuse is that it often leads to obesity and this developed the further complications related to health.

Energy balance is the central to weight loss:

To lose weight, the amount of energy you use to be physically active should be greater than the amount of energy you intake from foods. This means cutting of calories and increasing your physical activity level.

  • Choose low-fat , avoid fat-free dairy products or processed products.
  • Reduced saturated fats.
  • Include lots of fresh vegetables and fruits, legumes, nut and whole grains.

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