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Human body is unique in every way and never fails to surprise the owners with something new each day. Every organ and every vessel in the body serves a dedicated purpose and even a slightest change in their function can cause a lot of damage.

When it comes down to making love and mating, men are supposed to dominate women with the large dong and firm erections while for the women, the natural lubrication is important to ensure everything goes smoothly. But as said, sometime due to certain known or unknown causes, women may feel a change in their bodies which may cause them to lose the lubrication. Result? Painful sex of course. ProSolution Gel

  • Why a woman ends up with a dry vagina?

A woman’s body is amazing. It goes through so many changes that sometimes it is hard to even understand how can it all be possible. From carrying a baby to delivering it with such pain, going through a flood if emotions and hormonal fluctuations every month, a woman faces a lot of things and so ending up with a dry vagina is definitely a common problem.

The problem may seem small but it can make sex painful then you could even imagine. Not being able to enjoy sex and achieving no fun out of it can definitely take a toll on your relationship. When the physical needs of the partners remain unfulfilled, it is natural that they will get attracted towards those who will be able to satisfy them. so rather than taking your issues lightly and ruining the sex life, get to the root cause and seek for quick and easy solutions.

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For all those ladies who have fell a victim to dry vagina and find sex way too painful, here are some easy ways that can help them in getting back their natural lubrication so that they could have some fun:

  1. Water and moisturizer is the key

Found in abundance, water has always remained an under-estimated drink although it can do wonders to your body. for women who complain about a dry vagina even after a lot of foreplay, they should increase the intake of water and keep themselves hydrated. Also remember to use water-based products that will keep the vagina moisturized and so it will help your body in producing and restoring the natural lubricant.

  1. Creams and gels

There are a lot of good products available in the stores that promise to help you with your issues but of course not every product gives you 100% results. Unlike others, HerSolution gel is one superb product made from natural ingredients that works wonders on your body. Apply just a small quantity and within a few weeks you will be able to see a major difference.

What makes this product worth a try? Well it improves the blood circulation to the vaginal area and also increases the levels of female sex hormone so that they are stimulated during sex and the vagina becomes wet for easy penetration. The best part is that HerSolution gel also enhances your sex drives and you get to experience intense orgasms which make sex even more fun.

  1. Eat healthy

Ladies who eat foods rich in acids may face the problem of vaginal dryness more often. For women, having foods made from soy beans can be quite helpful as it mimics the properties of estrogen that can cure the dryness. It is important to maintain the vaginal pH balanced through having the right diet otherwise the problem can be prolonged.

  1. Washing down there

Mostly ladies like Emily Davinci are unfamiliar with their bodies and how it works. The pH of vagina should be kept balanced and that is why it is advised for ladies not to use soap down there as it can alter the natural balance. Cleaning the private area is fine but soaps and washes should not be used more than once a day so avoid any problem. a imbalance in the pH can cause women to lose their natural lubrication and hence they end up with painful sex.

  • Conclusion

If one tries hard, they can understand how their body works and what affects it functioning. Because women go a lot of physical and mental changes throughout their lives, facing a hormonal imbalance is pretty common and this is most common reason why ladies face an issue of dry vagina.

But not all women are courageous enough to cater this problem and simply ruin their romantic lives. Thanks to HerSolution gel, curing a dry vagina is not a problem anymore. It is inexpensive and easy to use which gives 100% results without any side effects. Within weeks of its use, you will see a major difference in your sex drive and performance. With HerSolution gel, sex will become pleasurable.

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