A Better Slim Body

An Ultimate Guide to Getting Rid of Obesity By Simple and Easy Tricks


Every section of society is suffering from the serious issue of obesity. This threatening problem is increasing day by day. Everyone is trying to combat it in his own way and style. However, traditional techniques like excessive exercise and ignorance of hunger, which were adopted by tens and thousands of people, the long lasting solutions.

That’s why the epidemic of obesity is prevailing day after day.  Very few of us are aware of the fact that obesity is not all about eating and over-eating, but about the regulation of hormones in the body.

Various Ways for Weight-loss:

A healthy and maintainable weight loss cannot be done overnight magically. A healthy and long-lasting weight loss is all about regulating the (fat-storing) hormone “Insulin”. If you also want to lose your weight through a healthy mechanism, then you have landed on a right place.

Follow this healthy, effortless and painless guide in order to lose your weight.

Fluid Requirements of Body:

Greater Intake of Green Tea:

It is the most supernatural product in weight losing task. Moreover, according to the recent research those who drank green tea a day, have burned additional 70 calories per day as compared to those who hadn’t taken any cup of green tea in a duration of 24-hours. Consequently, by enhancing the consumption of green tea, you can reduce your weight more than 7.3 pounds per year.

Reduce the Excessive Use of Soft and Soda Drinks:

According to the various nutrients, the human body doesn’t register the liquid calories like the same way it does for the solid calories. Excessive liquid calories can be harmful to health. So always keep an eye on your beverage intake. For example, a coffee cup contains more calories than a pasta bowl. But after the consumption of a coffee cup, you will desire to have a second one, unlike pasta. Moreover, if you consume one glass or cup of soda, wine, juice, coffee or tea respectively, then you have taken at least 800 calories in, till the night and you will still feel hunger. So try to avoid such situations.

Higher drinking of water:

Water is an outstanding product, which is beneficial for everyone in every aspect in every regard. The greater consumption of water leads to the excellent rate of boosting metabolism. Because water is needed to metabolize the fats (stored) of the body. The intake of 64 ounces of water is the most easiest and effortless way of weight losing.

Physical Activities:

Exercise and Weight Lifting:

Try to include the exercise activity in your daily routine, as it is beneficial both for your physical and mental health. Starting with the simple exercises like:

  • Push ups
  • Swings
  • Squats
  • Biceps curls and triceps pull with different free weights
  • Improvement to the lifting of heavy weights and complex exercise.

Through the 20 minute exercise, you can burn the calories up to 700.

Evening Walk:

An evening walk is the most important and essential physical exercise apart from the other exercises. After dinner, you should go for an evening walk, because at the end of the day, the rate of metabolism is tending to get slower, so it will boost the metabolism rate up.

Right Time and Type of Food:

Decrease the Consumption of Salt:

Strictly monitor the consumption of salt in your daily routine, as the extreme intake of salt leads to the obesity. According to the various researchers, the average intake of salt shouldn’t be more than 2400mg.

Greater Intake of Hot Peppers:

Various researchers have proved that the intake of hot peppers can accelerate the basal metabolism (the process of burning calories during resting period) of the human body. It will also improve your metabolic system in reducing your appetite thus satisfying your hunger. Therefore, add these hot spices in your regular meal to have quality results. Capsiplex Sport

No Meal Skipping:

Never ever tend to skip your meal, as it will enhance your obesity. Because in the absence of meal, your body is inclined to slow the rate of metabolism with a view to store energy. After that it will use the calories of your food as fuel, thus increasing your weight. In the case of the very busy day (when you can’t move or pursue your daily routine), just try to eat low-calorie food or fruit to satisfy your appetite.

Food Priorities:

Always try to avoid the pre-cooked or restaurant food, in order to strengthen the healthy diet. Your first priority should be the home-cooked food.

Relaxing Period:

Sound Sleep:

Various researchers have found that sound sleep is also necessary for a healthy body. Though it is shocking, but it is true. Those who get sound sleep of eight hours have more active metabolisms than those who sleep only for 4 hours a day.

Less TV Watching:

Recently a research has proved that the increased duration of TV watching, leads towards the obesity. Because during watching, people tend to eat more and consume more meal at the sitting position. So one should try to reduce the spending of time on TV.

Technological Method: 

slim weight patch

Usage of Slim Weight Patch:

Technologies are tending to serve the mankind to the extent they can do in every field. Because of the scientific research, we are able to have an outstanding product for weight loss, which is Slim Weight Patch.

This is another way to cut the fat, instead of taking the pills for a long time. Slim Weight Patch brings positive effects on the body as it doesn’t contain any harmful chemical or injurious ingredient. By using Slim Weight Patch one can lose 2-4 pounds weight per week.


Undeniably, these above-mentioned methods and guidelines will definitely work for your weight-loss strategy. All you have to do it is to follow them steadily and patiently. Moreover, those magical pills who claim to reduce the weight loss within night are either fake or bring devastating effects on the body.

So one should take always keep in mind that slow and steady wins the race, though weight losing is a time-consuming task, but healthy methods always yield constructive and lifelong results.